Thursday, April 9, 2020

“I’M NOT OKAY… I’m feeling hopeless”

Does hope feel far from you today?  Does your heart feel in knots and your soul unsettled? Are you lacking PEACE and desperate for a change?   If so, I’m not surprised!!  Fear is relentlessly saturating the airways of our world by every means possible.  It is broadcast non-stop from our news stations. Have you heard the constant dings of news updates on your phone? It’s on the radio, in the newspaper, scrolling across our social media, in our “in boxes”, communicated in a multitude of videos, and topics of discussion with the rich and poor. It has paused our schools, jobs, social gathering places, and lives.  You can see it on the faces of the youngest to the oldest.  Our heroes (the medical professionals) work endless hours to silence it, but they can’t.  Fear is spreading like a wildfire!

It’s mission is to MAGNIFY the negative, defuse the positive, and create toxic images in our minds building up the worst possible case scenarios of our circumstances. Then fear feeds and breeds anxiety, panic, and hopelessness causing us to react to those “perceived” toxic images AS IF they were really going to happen.  

The problem with this kind of thinking (and reacting) is that it 
leaves no room for HOPE or an opportunity to be rescued.

Psalm 34:4 says… 
“I asked the Lord for help, and He answered me.  He saved me from all that I feared.” (NCV)

Psalm 94:19 says… 
“When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed HOPE and cheer.” (NLT)

You know what?  I noticed something that I have never seen like this before the other night.  As much as FEAR is being thrown at us at every turn, PEACE is right there beside it… waiting.  Recently, I decided to limit my news intake to lower the stress of our present circumstances.  Instead of feeding fear, worry, and anxiousness, I tried to focus more on my family and God. One night (church night for most places) I decided to browse Facebook for some worship music.  I knew there had to be some church leading songs somewhere I could play while I worked on a few things at home. I was overwhelmed as I scrolled down the page on Facebook! There were more churches than I could count having online Bible Studies and worship services, a bunch of Christian music artists were having living room concerts in their homes sharing new songs, and friends were opening up their hearts to everyone on video trying to bring encouragement.  PEACE was all over the place

The internet isn’t just being saturated with FEAR, 
it’s being saturated with PEACE!!!  

More churches than ever are taking advantage of the internet and flooding it with the PEACE of God.  If you are feeling lost, afraid, overwhelmed, and fearful… look around for the PEACE of God.  It’s all around you. He is near!  Watch one of those videos I mentioned that may be there when you are scrolling down your social media pages, listen to a church service broadcast online, or take the time to hear a friend’s heart as they share boldly and attempt to encourage you.

You don’t have to walk in FEAR!  God offers His PEACE that passes all understanding.  When we work hard to focus our hearts MORE on God instead of our circumstances… we end up feeding our faith instead of fear.  Faith believes God for impossible things! Fear closes the door to HOPE.  The next time you feel afraid, “Put your trust in God” (Psalm 56:3).  I love the promise God makes us in Isaiah 41:10... “Don’t be afraid, for I am WITH you.”  We are not alone!  God promises to walk through all the dark, scary seasons with us.

There is a quote I heard years ago that has stuck with me to this day.  It’s another definition for the word FEAR. It’s a definition I like a whole lot better!!

F- ace  
E- verything  
A- nd  
R- ise

Are you feeling hopeless today, friend?  It’s time to RISE... above the fear and trust Him!  HOPE again!  The definition of hope is to “expect with confidence”.  Let’s expect with confidence that things are going to get better and that God is going to turn this horrible situation around to bring good out of it.  Do you believe it? He can!

If what I have shared has been speaking to your heart and you realize that you don’t just need peace, you need God in your life today, I want to encourage you to call out to Him right now.  Invite Him to do life with you for the first time or once again. Surrender your life to Him and ask Him to fill you with His peace. His presence in our lives makes all the difference! It brings PEACE!

If you surrendered your life to God today, please let me know so I can be praying with you.

If you are doing your best to walk in God’s peace and know of some websites, good online church services, or resources you have used to help increase your faith that could help others, please leave a comment and share below.

This Sunday (EASTER) is the perfect time to join a church service online.  His peace will meet you there! If you are looking for a church to check out, feel free to join ours online at the following link... Faith Church Online. Happy Easter friends!

Will you pray with me?

Thank you that I don’t have to walk in fear.  You are my rescuer!  You bring HOPE to hopeless situations!  Nothing is impossible for YOU!  Thank you that I don’t have to face anything alone. YOU are with me!  You comfort me, strengthen me, and carry me through when I struggle to go on.  Today, I lay my fear at your feet.  The uncertainties of life scare me and make me feel anxious, but I put my trust in YOUYou have never failed me yet!  God, please help me to lay my worries down at your feet daily, so they don’t weigh me down and hold me back from all you have for me.  Let HOPE ARISE inside my heart to believe you for IMPOSSIBLE things… miracles for my family, my church, my city, my county, my state, my country, and the world.  Nothing is impossible for you God!  MY HOPE IS IN YOU!

Living to leave a legacy,

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