Friday, December 30, 2016

RE: Start (My 2017 Plan)

Can you believe 2016 is almost over?  A new year will begin soon.  New… a fresh page, a brand new start, a do-over if you will… a chance to make things right, finish what you started, and become intentional about all of those things you’ve been putting off.  It’s our own personal restart.

I challenge you to do something crazy in 2017… become intentional.   Do something!  Make a list, set a goal, and make it your own personal aim to do SOMETHING this year.  Even if it’s just ONE thing… start and finish it.

I know, I know… New Year’s resolutions can get old.  We always set these lofty goals and then fail.  I’m just saying set a ton of goals if you want, but let your aim be to just complete ONE.  If you do that, then you have made one step forward in 2017 toward where you wanted to be.  Hey if you knock out more than one, then way to go, you crazy overachiever!

Just so it’s out there and I have something to shoot for, here are some of My personal goals
(Note:  Set goals that fit where YOU are and where you want to be by the end of the year.  Not everyone’s goals will look the same.  Pray and ask God to help you set your own God-sized goals to reach for.)

My word is … “Intentional”
Each year I try to choose a word or phrase to focus on throughout the year to keep me pushing forward toward my goals.  Last year it was “Baby Steps”… My health kept holding me back from doing what I really wanted to do, but I determined to just do what I could one step at a time with God’s help.  The year before my word was “Thrive”.  I wanted to go beyond just surviving in all areas of my life to Thriving.

Next year I want to become INTENTIONAL… do things on purpose.  I want to take time and make time for people… especially “My People”. 

My boys will be graduating before I know it so I want to savor the moments I have with them.  Life is busy, but I still want to continue to build my relationship with my husband too.  After 23 years of marriage, I want to continue to date my boyfriend for life.

I want to take time to invest in others.  I want to leave a legacy behind of someone who loved God and loved others.  I want to encourage, equip, and share my life with those around me… the good, bad, and ugly.

For that reason I have determined to mentor three women this year in their walk with God.  Not that I think I have everything figured out or feel I have reached perfection.  Ummm… not even close.  I just want a chance to share my imperfect life with others in hopes that maybe just maybe they might grow from what I’ve learned.

I want my life to catch fire for God… I want to be re-ignited this year!  I want to hunger for MORE of Him.  I want to devour His word and soak in His presence.  I want to hear His voice more clearly and act on His promptings radically.  

Specifically, I want to begin studying the Old Testament this year.  I’ve read the New Testament a million times, but I really want to dig deeper into the old this year. 

I also want to make a prayer wall… a place to collect specific needs I can be praying for concerning others. 

I want to get out of my comfort zone.  I want to find places where I can surround myself with lost people (who don’t know God) and shine God’s light to be a bold witness for Him.

On a lighter note I want to get in shape and lose weight.  My health condition hinders this element of my New Year’s resolutions or goals quite a bit, but I want to try.

I also want to read books for fun this year (at least ONE a month).

As far as writing goes, I want to finish my book.  I don’t know why I haven’t.  It could be all the moves we have made, my random health struggles, the busyness of life, etc… whatever the reasoning for the delay who knows.  I’m just ready to complete what I started… finally!

I also want to submit several articles to various places for publication and write a 30 day e-book devotional.

These are just a few of my random goals.  If I take my own advice and just complete ONE thing this year, I will be one step closer to where I wanted to be at the start of the year. 

What if that one thing is mentoring someone in their walk with God or losing weight or finishing my book (Yes, please!!!) or making a prayer wall…  That ONE thing that I start and finish could make all the difference in my year!

Let’s start 2017 with our eyes focused on finishing SOMETHING.  I’m excited to see what that ONE thing will be for me and for you!

Living to leave a legacy,