Saturday, March 28, 2020


I know it’s crazy and scary right now. There is enough news coverage on all platforms on the COVID crisis that you could saturate yourself with it all day long. News is good and it’s important to be informed, but this new daily habit can be dangerous and toxic for your soul. This kind of atmosphere can fill our hearts and homes with anxiousness, fear, and worry… emptying it of all HOPE. I want to challenge you during this season to purposely do things to change the atmosphere in your homes for good.

Unfortunately, at this time we may not be able to change our circumstances, but one thing we CAN do is change our attitude.

Our attitude affects our atmosphere!

We can walk in an attitude of thankfulness for what we do have, thankful for what we can do, thankful for those serving selflessly to keep us safe, and thankful for those we have close to us to share in it all… or we could fill our minds and hearts with negativity, anxiousness, anxiety, fear, doom, and gloom. 

One attitude brings PEACE, while the other leads to hopelessness and despair.

Let’s focus during this season on being people that “CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE”!

There are people around you in your circle of influence that NEED you! They need you to speak HOPE, they need you to be agents of PEACE, and they need you to show them Jesus in how you respond and walk through these unprecedented times. Jesus brings peace to the storms of life. I know this first hand. If you don’t have a personal relationship with Him right now, I encourage you to seek Him. His personal presence in our lives changes the atmosphere of our hearts and minds!

Take time to seek God FIRST before you check the new reports or get all the updates. Read the Bible and spend time feeding your spirit. Spend time talking to God for you and others. Crank up the worship music and soak in His presence. Then... start your day with a new attitude that can change the atmosphere around you. Watch out, it's contagious!

Will you consider joining me on my “SMILE PROJECT” journey? Will you make an intentional effort to lighten the mood and create a pause in the crazy of these days to restore smiles, giggles, and memory making moments for those close to you.

Check out my latest attempt below (which was a HUGE success) ….

I started yesterday with “Christmas in March”. I decorated the house, played Christmas music, and woke some of them up with “Merry Christmas”. LOL. They were SO confused. There were lots of smiles, giggles, “You’re crazy mom’s”, and singing. It was fun!

We ended the day with a GAME NIGHT competition to see who gets to pick the family movie we watch tonight. We played RISK… a game I haven’t played in 10+ years. Guess who won? You guessed it, ME! Yay! I could have really made the boys suffer the loss with a girly chick flick choice, but instead we are watching Jumanji 2.    You can do this friends! “Take a moment to create a pause in the crazy to bring a smile to someone else’s face today.”

Do you have any creative ideas? Don’t be shy, please share. The mission, if you choose to accept it, is to restore the smiles and giggles of those around you. The repercussions could be life changing and life giving moments. Will you accept?

Living to leave a legacy,