Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Re-Purposing ME"

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately.  I don’t know about you, but setting New Year’s resolutions overwhelms me.  It may be silly, but just changing the word to “goal” makes it sound more attainable for me.  I’m weird like that.

My main goals over the past year have been to get well, finish my book, and get out of debt.  I’ve tried to keep them simple since life has been unpredictable.  My energy level and overall health have kept me from setting other goals.  I didn’t want to be disappointed. It was hard not knowing where I would be health-wise from day to day.  With my health improving, my heart has been stirred to do more this year at being intentional in my goal-setting.

I want this year to be a year of re-purposing my life.  I am fascinated with Pinterest these days.  I am amazed at all the awesome creations you can make or re-purpose from old things lying around the house.  New creations made from the “old” that become even more incredible in the end.  That reminds me of a verse found in the Bible.
2 Corinthians 5:17 says…This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” (NLT)

When we give our lives to God we become a “new” creation.  God gives us a fresh start, a clean page, and a new purpose for living.  The old life is gone… the “old” me is no longer alive… a “new” me has been born.

I have a friend who is beginning a whole new life in 2013.  She gave her life to God just before Christmas.  She is an amazing testimony of how God can come into a lost and broken hearted soul and breathe life.  Her old life is gone… past mistakes forgiven, and she was given a fresh start.  She is NOT the same person!   God has become real.
My friend didn’t just learn about God… she met Him personally December 2, 2012 and it changed her life!  God is doing amazing things in her life and I am SO proud of her!  She has a whole new outlook on life.  She is talking to Him all the time, learning about Him, and He is working miracles in her life.  She is a miracle!  Life has now become an adventure.  How exciting!

I encourage you to do as my friend has and make God PRIORITY ONE for your life this year.  If you only know about Him, I dare you to meet Him personally like my friend.  It will change everything.  If you need help… track me down and I am more than ready to help you out.

Many of you know exactly how my friend is feeling because you have experienced this firsthand for yourself.  God was alive and real to you at one point.  Do you remember that moment?  It was amazing and your life has never been the same.  No matter where you are right now in life, God is waiting with open arms.  His love, mercy, and forgiveness await you.

For some 2012 was a rough year for you.  It’s hard for you to even think about 2013.  When unexpected circumstances rock our world and test our faith our relationship with God can become shaky.  No matter what you face, I encourage you to join hands with God and allow Him to walk through it with you.  Allow the circumstances of life to draw you closer to God instead of push you further from Him.  He will be your strength and peace in the midst of life’s storms.

Life can be challenging at times.  My life has taken quite a few unexpected twists and turns along the way.  It hasn’t been easy, but I have learned through the process that if I hold tightly onto Jesus I can make it through anything.  He has been and will continue to be my all sustaining strength.

God can do amazing things with hearts completely surrendered to Him.  He is the master of re-purposing things.   I am taking 2013 to focus on “Re-purposing Me.”  I want to make God priority one in every area of my life.  I know a life totally surrendered to God could accomplish more than anything I could do without Him.  I want to walk in His will, be who He called me to be, and do what He called me to do.  I give Him complete control of every area of my life and I look forward to the journey that this year will bring. 

I challenge you to start re-focusing your life on God today.  When we give God first place in our lives, He takes care of the rest.  Trust Him with YOU this year and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome!  Make this year your best year ever with God!  365 days totally committed to God = one life changed forever!  Let it be yours!
Living to leave a legacy,