Monday, June 9, 2014

My "THIRD" son...

I found out recently that I have been blessed with a “third” son.  No I did NOT give birth to a new child or adopt.  I must admit, I am as surprised by this as you.  Let me explain…

At the beginning of this year, we went back on staff as Associate Pastors at a church we were Youth Pastors at almost ten years ago.  We LOVE this church!!!  In an attempt to catch up with all the time I have missed, I have been re-acquainting myself with everyone.  I have been reminiscing with old friends and getting to know new ones.  It’s been fun!

The pleasant surprise in this effort has been that MANY people think I have THREE boys.  I don’t know why or WHO this other boy is, but I have some bit of inkling.  My boys are 16 months a part in age and act a lot like twins.  Because of their out going personalities and love for fun, they draw other boys to them.  In fact LOTS of boys… boys of all ages love them! 

They want to be around them all of the time.  They want to sit with them in church, play basketball with them, spend the night, or just hang out.  I am constantly shooing boys out of my car (they sneak in at church or school).  They are hoping to go home with us unnoticed.  My boys are hardly ever without a friend in their midst.

All that to say…  I’m really not sure who our “third” son is.  He could be Aaron, Elliott, Zephaniah, Zach, Jacob, Caleb, or a slew of others.  This “third” son we are assumed to have represents something important to me.  A long time ago, before my husband and I ever had kids we discussed this event.  We had each experienced seeing friends at a young age being exposed to so much garbage by just visiting other friend’s houses.  Parental supervision was non-existent, limited, or the parents were just plain terrible role models.  We wanted to be different.

We talked about how some day we wanted to be “the house”.  You know, that house every kid wanted to be at, felt loved, and safe there.  We brain stormed ideas.  IF we didn’t want our boys going anywhere else as teens, it was going to cost us something.  It was going to cost us…TIME to be available to hurting kids… giving rides, supervising behavior, and being second parents to those who needed us.  It would cost extra MONEY to create a fun environment and feed the masses.  It would require FLEXIBILITY.  We would need to be available for others, willing to carpool kids everywhere with out complaining (requiring extra gas money too of course), keep them overnight, and add them to our family’s events at times.  It would require extra ENERGY… to give, love, serve, and discipline when necessary.  In essence we would be Mama and Papa Davis to a posse of boys.  Were we up for the challenge?  We thought so at the time…

It came upon us before we knew it.  This thing called puberty and the teen years.  Yikes!  We made a commitment to ourselves, but now the moment has arrived.  I can see it happening right before my eyes.  My boys are growing up and helping mold and shape those around them for God by their influence.  We speak often to them of being a leader, an example, and living out what they believe before others.  And… they are doing it! 

But without even a warning it seems… it snuck up on us.  My boys are making us second parents to a posse of boys.  Just before they left for church camp today, they asked me to hug several boys goodbye as their second mom.  I am sure glad they don’t mind sharing me.

SO, I guess we will be “that house” soon enough.  Currently we are renting where we are at, but looking for a house to buy.  I suppose one of our prerequisites might need to be… LOTS of room for a bunch of boys to congregate on the weekends.  

We are “that” family.  You know the one that is willing to do what it takes to be “Jesus with skin on” to a bunch of boys.  The task seems overwhelming, but I know “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.”  Thank goodness I am not alone.  Prayers appreciated as we forge ahead into the unknown!  May God bless my “third” son and the many more to come... 

Living to leave a legacy,