Wednesday, January 5, 2011

God's "Waiting Room" (Part One)

Waiting… it’s something we all have to do. We can’t escape it. We wait in lines at the store, wait for the mail, wait on the phone, wait for our food, wait on our kids, and wait for our checks to come each week to pay for it all. Waiting isn’t fun, but it’s inevitable. Have you ever sat in a waiting room before? Ever stop and think of all of the different kinds of waiting rooms that there are… Doctor’s office, Dentist’s office, Eye Doctor’s office, Emergency Room, Auto Shops, Restaurants, The BMV, The Delivery Room, The Surgery Center, and outside of the Principal’s office to name a few.

I think the hardest “waiting room” of all for me to sit in is… God’s "Waiting Room.” Did you know that God has a “waiting room?” God’s “Waiting Room” is a place of healing and direction. It’s a place to encounter God in new and deeper ways. This place makes it’s mark on your heart and changes you forever.

God’s “Waiting Room” is often a season in our lives where He wants us to STOP and let Him do a deeper work inside of us. We might recognize it by things feeling unclear… jobs may be falling through for us, finances may be a struggle, our future may seem uncertain, and it may appear that nothing is working out. Maybe it’s God’s way of getting our attention. This can be a time of great spiritual transition. God is preparing to move us to greater things and He wants to make sure we are ready.

Whether you have experienced financial trouble, the loss of a loved one, the miscarriage of a child, or unfulfilled dreams… God has a plan. If you are waiting on a spouse, a job, the direction for your future, a baby, healing, or financial breakthrough, God is at work with you in mind.

God always has a purpose in our waiting. Many of the great men and women of the Bible spent time in God’s “waiting room.” Moses for instance, spent forty years there (See Exodus 1-4). Most of us will never have to wait that long. During that time period God transformed Moses from a prince, to a shepherd, to the leader of his people. If you are in God’s waiting room right now, hold tight and listen close because God is about to call your name.

Reasons why God might ask us to wait…

1. Maybe… He is “growing us” so we are mature and strong enough to face whatever may come next for us in life.

2. Maybe… He is “healing” us so we are ready to move forward spiritually well inside and out.

3. Maybe… He wants to give us “new directions” for the next phase of the journey ahead.

4. Maybe… He is working out the details for the next phase of His plan for our lives (“setting the stage” for what’s ahead).

What we can do while we are waiting?  Read more at the link below..
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