Saturday, March 3, 2018

"She's Beautiful!"

Recently I had the chance to speak at my boys’ school for their Spiritual Emphasis days.  I actually did two workshops for girls only.  The title of my session was “She’s Beautiful!”  The emphasis was on how to build a healthy self-esteem. 

I started drafting my thoughts a month in advance.  I had awesome props, great ideas for group involvement, and a dynamic presentation prepared.  All went well until half-way through my first workshop.  In the middle of sharing my voice became weak and my speech began to slur.  I noticed I was having trouble putting my words together.  This was all too familiar for me.  I was having a flare up and this was a bad one.
I explained to the girls what was happening to me and that I needed their help.  They jumped right in to assist me.  I had different ones read scriptures I prepared, some parts of my notes, and even lead out in song (I was never planning to do that!  Nobody would ever want to hear me sing!).  The song was beautiful! 

The girls listened closely as I attempted to share what God had put on my heart.  They had such sympathetic and caring hearts.  I felt bad, like I ripped them off on their workshop even if I couldn’t do anything about it.  It was frustrating.

I had a two hour break before my next session so I thought I might be okay.  I was hoping it would give time for my voice to recover.  I had no such luck.  I could tell before beginning the second workshop that I would have trouble so I improvised.  I found a dry erase marker and wrote tons of stuff on the board behind me.  They were main ideas I wanted the girls to take home with them if I couldn’t present things very well.  By the time I was done, it was covered with truths I hoped some how landed inside their hearts.

  For the second workshop I started off explaining my dilemma.  The girls seemed very sympathetic and wanted to help me as well.  For this one I couldn’t get very far into my teaching before my voice started falling apart.  I had many different girls assist me in reading main points in my notes, scriptures, and this time we sang the whole song together of “Good, Good Father” (Listen to the song HERE).  It was SO beautiful!  I wish I could have recorded the girls singing for you to hear.

After each point we discussed, I would have the girls say out loud… 


The first group was very quiet all along when they said it like they didn’t believe a word they just said.  The last group (with more of the older girls in it) said it loud and proud.  They even shouted it at the end for everyone to hear down the hallway in the other workshops.  It was powerful!

At the end of each workshop I had the girls share something that stood out to them from my teaching time.  I wanted to verify in some way that something I said got inside or at least they heard it.  From what they shared, many of them had been impacted by my attempts to communicate with them.  What God had put on my heart had gotten into theirs in bits and pieces!  God is faithful!

I headed to work immediately after my last workshop to finish up paperwork.  I was lucky to even get off to be there this year to speak.  The minute I hit the parking lot at work I called my doctor’s office.  If I didn’t get this flare up under control, things would get out of hand quickly.  By the time I got home that night my voice was pretty much gone and I was very weak.  The dreaded autoimmune disease strikes again!  Boo!  (To read more about my condition click HERE).

 As I got home, I began to re-play my day in my mind… mainly those workshops.  I prayed the girls got something out of it despite my personal issues and limitations.  Just saying that frustrates me.  Each workshop had about 17 girls in them.  The first group had more of the middle-schoolers and the second one had a good mix of middle and high school girls. 

I thought back over the day… I started each workshop off by giving the girls a sheet of paper to fill out while we waited for everyone to arrive.  It was entitled, “5 things I like about ME”.  Some of the girls did a double take.  They thought it said “didn’t like”.  They were hoping it said that because that was a much easier list for them to write.  As I walked around the room, I saw many blank pages.  They couldn’t think of anything they liked about themselves.  It was sad.

For many of us, this would be true of us too.  The struggle is real.

Once they all arrived I introduced myself and jumped right into my teaching time.  I shared how if God was here in the flesh today beyond a shadow of a doubt I know He would brag on you and say… “That’s my daughter isn’t she BEAUTIFUL!”

I told them that we were going to talk about Beauty, Barbie’s, Boys, and the Best daddy ever. 

I wanted to help them answer 3 questions they might be asking themselves

1.  Who do others say that I am?
(What do others think of ME?)

2.  Who does God say that I am?
(What does God think of ME?)

3.  Who do I say that I am?
(What do I think of ME?)

Since this post is getting long, I’m going to push PAUSE.  I want to be able to share with you all of the specifics I did with the gals on that day.  It was powerful and life changing! 

Be watching soon for more details to come in my next post called, “What if Barbie was a real woman?”

If you struggle with your self-esteem, care too much what others think, have daddy issues, or relationship troubles, you won’t want to miss this post.

If God was here in the flesh today beyond a shadow of a doubt I know He would brag on you and say… “That’s my daughter isn’t she BEAUTIFUL!”
(and for the guys reading he would say…”That’s my son, isn’t he HANDSOME!”)

Believe it, its true!  God is bragging on you!

Living to leave a legacy,

Sunday, December 3, 2017

“An Old-Fashioned Hello”

The Christmas season has officially begun.  I turned on the Christmas music yesterday.  I don’t know why, but it just seems wrong to begin celebrating before Thanksgiving!  

I guess people were pretty excited in my town this year.  The week before Thanksgiving you could view Christmas lights and trees up everywhere.  We could have taken a car tour around town and had a full night of viewing if we wanted to!

Don’t you just love all the holiday spirit…“Christmas movies, Christmas music playing on your favorite radio station (everyday, all day long), special holiday beverages, bells ringing, and decorations galore.  Not to mention all of the Christmas cards you get in the mail from those close to you and far away spreading their Christmas cheer.  It’s a fun time of year!

I like to get the Christmas cards where it says more than just a “Merry Christmas” or “love so and so”.  I like it when people take the time to write a little note inside.  It adds something special to the card.  It says… I was thinking about you as I sent this BEYOND just writing my name out.  It’s more personal that way.  At least, I think so.

I’ve been trying to teach my oldest son the art of the “Thank You” card.  He is going on a special mission’s trip with his senior class in May to Costa Rica and he is raising funds to go.  He has sent out several letters asking for prayer and support from friends, family, church folks, and the like.  As a result, several have sponsored him to go.

Each time we hear of a new sponsor, I have him send out a “Thank You” card.  At first, he acted like it was a chore I was making him do until he heard a recent response from a recipient.  It was a lady from our church that said…

“This is the first time I have EVER received a personal thank you from anyone I have given money to for a trip at your school.” 

It really meant a lot to her.  My son was impressed.  I reiterated to him that a “Thank You” card is a personal way to show how much you appreciate what someone else has done for you.  It means a lot more when you send it out in the mail… even if you could hand deliver it.  It shows you planned ahead, thought of them, and care.  Sometimes the extra effort to do the snail mail route says more.  It’s a nice surprise!

Have you ever received an “Old-fashioned Hello” in YOUR mailbox?   Something besides a Christmas card?  Was it a “Thank You” card or maybe even a hand-written letter.  My husband and I wrote letters to each other for a whole summer that we were apart in college.  I still have those special notes and cards.  I couldn’t wait for the mail to come each day, hoping there was a special surprise for me!

Recently I opened my mailbox to find a surprise.  It was an old school, handwritten letter (on lined paper and everything with more than one page attached) from my cousin.  I think she sent it to me as a challenge to write her back in the same fashion.  She COULD have written me via Facebook message or email, but she chose this route.

I left the hand addressed envelope and letter beside my computer for days to remind me to write her back.  It tormented me.  She lives in Germany now and it was so much easier to just catch up online, but it wasn’t as personal.

When the letter arrived, it brought a flash of memories of her and me writing one another as teenagers.  We lived two hours away from each other.  It was our way of staying connected.  Long distance phone calls were way too expensive back then.  We shared our life with one another on paper and it was special!

I think somewhere along the way we have lost something with the progression of technology.  I’m not saying all technology is bad, but something is missing… and I think that something may be the art of the “Thank You” card and the “Old-fashioned Hello”.  The personal touch that says I really care.  It’s time we bring it back!

With that in mind, I have a challenge for you.  Last year my family decided to keep up our Christmas cards.  We left them hanging from the doorway well past new years so we could pray for each family who sent us a card.  It was amazing and so powerful!  We even sent a picture of the card some sent us months later to show them we prayed for them that night.  It was awesome!

My challenge is this
I dare you to send me a Christmas card this year.  But…not just any card.   Send me one with a special, personal note inside.   Of course put the “Merry Christmas” and the “from so and so” too, but also write me a note of how we can pray for you this year.

This gives you the chance to step out of your comfort zone and do something “Old-fashioned.  It also gives me the chance to surprise my husband (Shhhh!!!).  I want all cards from this post to be sent to him at work (Faith Church).

Send cards to:
Al & Julie Davis
2817 E. 53rd St.
Anderson, IN.  46013

I dare you to get more personal when it comes to showing your love and appreciation for others this year.  Add a stamp and make it special.  The “Old-fashioned Hello” never gets old.  I promise!

Living to leave a legacy,

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Are you feeling “STUCK”?

Do you need a break thru? Are you seeking direction for your life? Do you feel “stuck” in your walk with God? Do you not know what to do next or how to accomplish what God has put before you? If so, have you ever thought about fasting?

Last week I did something crazy. I fasted NETFLIX! I know… it doesn’t sound like a big deal. I’m not addicted or a binge watcher or anything, but it had become some what of a distraction for me. For that reason and the fact that I want to push past the rut I’m in and move closer to God, I decided to take a break from it. The results were awesome!

WHY should we fast?
Fasting or putting something aside for awhile (while focusing MORE on God during that time) can do amazing things! When we give God MORE attention He brings… Break thru, we can hear His voice better, feel His nudges better, His word becomes alive to us as we read it, what our priorities should be become clearer to us, and so much more. Not to mention mediocre relationships with God become radical!
When we fast, we choose to take the focus off of “us” for a specific amount of time and purposely place our focus on God. Fasting helps us gain perspective, learn self-control, softens our hearts, gives us direction for the future, opens up our schedules, realigns our priorities, clears out the clutter, silences the noise, and unclogs the blockage in our lives. What kind of blockage am I speaking about? Well… it could be writer’s block, but many times it’s those things blocking fresh vision for your life, or God dreams for the future.

As you take the time to fast and focus more on God, it’s almost like a “Spiritual Drano” is poured deep down into your spirit. I can almost hear it bubbling, fizzing, and popping like peroxide in a wound. It’s eating away at all of the “ugly” inside of us. Once all of it is broken up and pushed out of the way, there is more room for God’s spirit to flow freely in our lives.

What could happen in and through you if you chose to set all distractions aside and focus more on God for just ONE week? I think you would be shocked at the results!

WHAT could we fast?
I’ve heard it said before… “No pain, no gain!” That is totally true when it comes to fasting. Whatever you decide to fast, you need to choose something that will be painful for you to lose for a week. If it isn’t hard or a sacrifice for you to do, you won’t see the results you were hoping for. Here are some ideas for you to try…

Food- There are a variety of ways people do this. They fast ALL food and drink only drink water. They might only eat fruits and veggies or just fast a meal a day. When it comes to fasting food, make sure you are doctor approved if you have any health issues or risks. Don’t feel like you are missing out if you can’t do this particular type of fast. There are so many other ways you can fast something for God.

Note: If you are fasting food and you aren’t replacing that time with MORE time with God then you are just dieting.

Other things we could fast are…
Social Media, a Sport, a Hobby, Video Games, Chocolate, Listening to certain music, Pop (or soda whatever you like to call it… LOL), TV, computer, phone, reading certain things, going to the movies, hanging out with certain people, Spending money on certain things, Wearing Make Up (I know someone who actually did this. They were touched powerfully through this fast!). I think you get the point. Fast whatever God lays on your heart!

The results come as we obey God’s leading, stay committed to follow through, and set all distractions aside.

HOW do we fast?
First off I would say… you need a plan! Determine WHAT you are fasting and for HOW LONG you will be doing this. Share this with a close friend or family member to keep accountable. Sometimes it’s easier to skip out on your commitment to following through when nobody else knows. Accountability helps.

How long should you fast? I would suggest you plan your fast for at least a week. You don’t really see the full benefit of your fasting otherwise.

The whole idea of fasting is to spend MORE purposeful time with God. If you are fasting a meal… spend that time praying and seeking more of God. If you are fasting secular music… replace that time with playing Christian music and more time with God. If you are seeking God’s direction for your life or having trouble making a big decision… set aside specific times to pray and spend more time with God. Give God your complete attention during this time.

It’s hard to really seek God when there are so many distractions all around us

How do we do it? I have a few ideas for you that may help… 

Find a private place you won’t be interrupted to be with Him. Seek out some place where you won’t be distracted (or at least you are distracted less). It may not be the same place each day, but find somewhere to steal away moments with God. You could pray in the shower, in the car, on a walk, in a closet, in your bedroom, pretty much anywhere you can get alone and won’t be distracted.

Choose a special time to meet with God. If you choose a specific time, there is a better chance it will happen. Choose a time that fits best for YOU so it happens.

What should our time with Him look like? It can be different for everyone. I would suggest you put on some worship music… (Music that will focus your heart on spending more time with God) and start to pray. Get hungry for more of God. Pour your heart out to Him… the good, bad, and ugly. He isn’t surprised by anything. Take time to surrender every area of your life to Him. Ask for forgiveness, pray for fresh vision for your life, pray for break through in your life and others, start a prayer list, etc... Then after you have prayed awhile, open your Bible and begin reading. Choose a specific book of the Bible to read during this week Esther is a good one. Powerful things happened when she fasted and prayed! (One chapter a day is a good start).

Continue the conversation all day long! Prayer is NOT an event we do each day to mark off of our “to do” list. It’s taking time and making time to connect with our heavenly father and best friend. Sometimes it will be connecting randomly throughout the day like I do with my spouse and kids (through texts, calls, and little notes) and other times it will be setting aside special, purposeful time to be together. The quick and easy connecting with my family is great, but when we have time to have a family night together or my spouse and I are able to have a date night our relationship has the opportunity to grow deeper.

Supplies Needed:
What do you need for this special fast? Well, I would suggest getting a notebook. You could do the basic spiral bound school type notebook with lined paper. They are pretty cheap. Bring it with you wherever you go to spend time with God. Take time to talk with Him, but also make time to listen. Write down scriptures that stand out to you as you read the Bible, specific things you want to pray about, and anything else that comes to mind as you seek Him.

Be purposeful in your pursuit of MORE of God! When your fast is over… if you have been faithful to what God has asked you to do, you should feel different! You should be more sensitive to His voice and obedient to His nudges. You should have clarity, feel peace, and have more self-control just to name a few obvious changes.

Two scriptures come to mind when I think about fasting…

Philippians 4:6-7 says
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (NIV)

Fasting is a time to lay your requests at His feet trusting Him with the outcome. When we do, He promises to wrap us in His peace… hearts and minds! 

James 4:8 says…
“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” (ESV)

As we spend MORE time with God during our fast… drawing closer to Him, this verse promises that HE will draw near to us. I love that! Regardless of whether we get our answer during our fast, we will feel closer to God by the end! That alone is worth it all!

I don’t have all the answers when it comes to fasting, but hopefully I’ve given you some ideas so you can test it out for yourself.

In case you just stumbled upon this blog post accidentally… and you don’t have a personal relationship with God (or you have strayed from a previous commitment), I don’t want to leave you hanging.

Maybe you were hooked by the whole idea of needing a change or wanting a break through. If so, I want to let you know that the change or breakthrough you are looking for comes through a personal relationship with God. He makes all the difference!

I challenge you to take a moment today and connect with God
. Share your heart with Him… all of it! He wants to hear the good and the bad. When you are finished invite Him to come into your heart and life. Start a fresh life with Him today. After you do so, be sure to message me. I want to hear all about it! It’s life changing!!!

Fasting… it’s a whole new adventure! Try it some time!

Living to leave a legacy,

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The ONE thing I forgot…

I made a list.  I’m a list maker.  I can’t help myself!  This list isn’t the normal grocery list, Christmas list, mailing list, or “to do” list I regularly write.  It’s a list that’s even MORE important.

It’s a special list just for my boys.  I like to call it my “Mentoring to Manhood” list.  It’s a list of things to sort of help prepare them for the future… and for life!  (…or at least I hope it does!!) 

On this list you will find a variety of things… How to change a tire, How to sew on a button, Cooking, Cleaning, and the like…  It covers many categories. It’s filled with all of the things I think my boys need to know to be ready for life.  Well… life on their own that is.

It wasn’t until recently that it hit me that I was missing something pretty important on my list!  I’ve got a lot of things on my list mind you so it was quite eye opening for me.  I have:  Household goals, Financial goals, Car Maintenance goals, Home Maintenance goals, Professional goals, Social goals, Character goals, Spiritual goals, and Reading goals.  That’s all good and all, but this missing category has the potential to throw off all the rest if it isn’t in check.  I some how failed to factor in setting EMOTIONAL GOALS.

The missing category probably stood out to me more because my boys were both dealing with emotional issues.  Needless to say they weren’t reacting the way I had hoped.  Their reaction to hurt, offense, and the like has caused me to ask myself some hard questions:  

Am I helping prepare my boys in HOW to “process” life?  Am I teaching them HOW to emotionally handle the ups and downs that life may deal them?  

I guess I kind of hoped they would just watch my life and their dad’s (who handles things so much better than me) and follow suit.  But… as I look back across my life, I have to ask myself a question… “Have I handled things properly?”  “Have I ever or do I now carry around emotional baggage from the past?”

I visited a small group recently that was full of broken, hurting people. Life had hurt them.  People had hurt them.  They had been hurt A LOT over their lifetime.  As a result they carried emotional baggage.  They wanted to be free!  Some have experienced freedom in the group while others are in the process of getting there.  Healing is a choice, friends!

When we are hurt, what do we do?  I witnessed my boys’ reactions first hand and learned quickly that I haven’t been a good teacher.  Well… maybe I have dealt with things in the proper way personally, but I haven’t taught them well HOW to do the same.  Their preference when hurt by others is to get mad, shove the offense under the rug (not dealing with it), try to forget it ever happened, and move on with their life. 

Whoa!  This is definitely not the way to handle hurt!  Actually this pattern is NOT setting them up to walk in freedom, but rather lends to ADDING “baggage” to their lives at a young age.  

Following this pattern will only cause you to (1)hold on to the offense, (2)feed it by talking to others (which only makes things worse), and then (3) bury it inside of your hearts for safe keeping… thinking all is well.

The result is that offense begins to grow like a cancer undetected inside of you.  The fruit of this cancer becomes roots of un-forgiveness, bitterness, and anger. 

Check out the chart below I found that shows the destructive path of offense.  Some of us may have traveled this way before.

The scary thing is that those who are sick with “offense” have no idea it is there growing and festering inside of them until they explode unexpectedly without warning!  I haven’t even mentioned how deadly this can be to the spiritual LIFE of the individual.  It creates distance between them and God.  It gets harder to hear His voice and feel His presence because the heart is sick.

I do NOT want this for my boys!  So… with just a short time left for my oldest and another year or so left for my youngest I am adding to my special list a few more things…

-How to deal with offense
-How to truly forgive someone
-How to deal with disappointment
-How to deal with conflict
-How to say you are sorry and mean it
-How deal with pride and have humility
-How to deal with toxic people and be a good judge of character…

By no means am I finished yet with my list.  I’m trying to think outside of the box and pray about this… allowing God to reveal things to me to share with them… for “us” (my hubby and I) to share with them.   I realize I can’t shelter my boys from everything!  I know they will get their feelings hurt at times and be disappointed.  It’s inevitable, but if I can save them some pain or help them better prepare for what’s ahead in life then I want to do so.  After all, they are my babies and what else is a mom to do!

Have you made a list for your kids?  If not, I challenge you to do so.  Are you carrying around emotional baggage from a horrible past?  If so, I want to encourage you to give it to God.  He is the only one that can truly set you free!  Choose today to walk in freedom!

Living to leave a legacy,

Thursday, August 31, 2017

An open letter to all of God's wandering children

This was posted on 7/21/15, but still rings true in my heart today...

Hello Prodigals.  In case you were wondering... You are LOVED and missed dearly!  It’s been awhile since we’ve talked or even seen each other.    I have so many fond memories of our times together.  I understand why you left, but things haven’t been the same without you.  I hope you are doing well.  The last time I saw you, you seemed so lost.  When I looked into your eyes it felt as though I could see into your soul and it was empty. 

My heart ached to fix things for you, but there comes a point when this God thing has to become real and personal to you.  You have to own it!  God is amazing and oh so real!  I know this first hand.  He has met me at my lowest moments and in my darkest hours.  He has carried me through so many things.  I don’t know where I would be without Him.  He has filled up all of the empty spots of my life.  He has wrapped me in His love and overwhelmed me with His peace.

I have shared my life with you (in good times and bad).  My faith in God has been messy, but genuine. I have been available to answer questions, pray for you, and be there when you needed me.  You have been in my thoughts and prayers.  Regardless of my efforts, ultimately the choice was yours.  I understand your decision, but I beg you to change your mind.

You were hurt, felt judged, disappointed, and confused.  You felt forgotten, unappreciated, and unnoticed.  You felt far from God while you made efforts to move closer to Him.  Enough was enough.  Things did not pan out the way you expected and you gave up… you walked AWAY from God.  When you needed Him most where was He?  You never felt Him, yet others did.  You felt all alone.

I beg you to “remember”.  Remember when you experienced Him for the first time.  Remember how you felt when you first sensed His presence wrapping around you.  Remember the peace He poured over your heart during those difficult times.  Remember when you read the Bible and it came alive to you.  Remember when He answered your prayers and used you to touch someone else for Him.  Remember the youth retreats, camps, conventions, radical worship times, and powerful services.  Remember the people around you that inspired you by their own walk with God.  He was real to you at some point.  You were drawn to the reality of God and you wanted more.  You were hungry for the things of God.  Remember?

When I think of you and remember my heart is sad.  I don’t want you to walk around empty, lonely, and hopeless anymore.  I want you to find your purpose in God and experience His life-changing touch.  I want you to be all He desired you to be and more.  I want you to walk in His destiny for your life.  I want you to be happy again… to have that inner joy down deep that circumstances can’t steal away.

Your time with God was one of the happiest times of your life.  Remember?  You felt the most fulfilled during this time.  It’s because God was filling up all the empty crevices of your life with His presence.  His peace poured over you and His love was so tangible in your life.  Everything felt right with Him at the center of your heart and life.

I don’t know what pushed you over the edge enough to walk away for good.  Maybe it was adversity, difficulty, or unexpected circumstances that occurred beyond your control.  Difficult times can cause anyone to give up.  Bad things happen.  I know that full well.  My life hasn’t been perfect.  I have faced unexpected circumstances beyond my control on numerous accounts that have stretched me beyond my limits.  It was tough.  I felt weary, spent, and overwhelmed.  I was at the end of my rope.  In the midst of my pain, I didn’t know where else to go, but to God.  I reached out His direction and I was surprised by His response.

Each time I ran to God in my moments of despair and heartache God’s peace immediately followed.  It’s what I needed most.  His presence was felt instantly and His love surrounded me.  Even though I didn’t understand the Why’s of life, I ran to my constant source of strength, God, to see me through.  I have faced a lot of adversity over the years and I must confess that God has never disappointed me each time I have chosen to run to Him instead of AWAY from Him.

I know you have been AWAY from Him for awhile, but I challenge you to come home.  Reach out to Him… He misses you so much!  I know it will be hard.  You will feel weird.  You are scared, but imagine your life turned back over to Him.  How different would things be and for the better?  How much more peace could you feel?  Just think about it… your heart full and overflowing with God’s love.  Hearing His voice, feeling His presence, His destiny played out in your life… your life completely fulfilled in Him.

I know the world hasn’t treated you well.  You have experienced pain, heartache, and despair.  I know you might feel broken, abused, or used.  You aren’t the same person as you were before.  That’s okay.  He wants you to come to Him as you are anyways.  I know your life is riddled with trails of bad choices and a life time of regrets.  It’s okay.  Lay them all down at His feet.  All He wants is YOU… as you are, completely surrendered to Him. 

Each day is a fresh start, a clean page with no mistakes… a day full of endless possibilities.  Choose well my friend.  I beg you to “remember” and make a bold step closer to Him.  He is not standing with arms crossed in judgment.  Adjust your spiritual lens.  He is standing expectantly with arms wide open waiting to run to you the minute you turn your head His direction.  He loves you fiercely friend.  Run to Him today.  Pour out your heart to Him.  It may not be pretty, but in a raw and real way connect your heart with His today.

Run to Him when you are confused and it feels like your world is falling apart.  Run to Him when you are grieving from a great loss or celebrating a victory.  Run to Him when you feel all hope is gone and life is pushing you under.  Run to Him when your relationship is falling apart and your heart is broken into a million pieces.  Run to Him when your body is full of sickness and you are fearful of the outcome.  His peace is waiting to envelop you and His presence is waiting to comfort you.  He is as close as the mention of His name… Jesus.

James 4:8 says this…
“Come near to God, and God will come near to you.”

I pray today you will take a step CLOSER to God and watch Him draw near to you.  I love you prodigals and miss you dearly.  Please know I am still here for you.  I’m available to answer questions and pray for you too.  Please consider coming home to God today.  We both miss you terribly.

Love & prayers,